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A New Formula for Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Because Employees Deserve;

Better. To Choose. To Be Happy!

Enrichly HR is transforms the employee experience with a focus on enriching lives through personalized benefits covering health, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and lifestyle enhancement.

The Enrichly HR Difference

The Enrichly HR platform is insurance coverage agnostic, and all your employees can benefit from the power of the platform whether you have an Employer Sponsored Group Insurance, your are self-insured, you have an ICHRA or your employees use the Exchanges.

Flexible options, with effortless

administration - Enrichly HR makes

benefits powerfully personal.

Platform Overview

Successful Restaurant Owner

Easy Set-up

Simply determine budget and frequency of funding via payroll the rest is auto-magic. 

Easy and flexible configuration allows for set-up on frequency you choose.  Example; per payroll, month, quarter or year etc... 

Integration with all major Payroll and HRIS

Effortless Funding and Administration.

Funds are loaded to each employees Enrichly wallet per your schedule. 

Allocations by type ie; HSA, HRA, Life Events (LESA) etc..

Account reconciliation

Consolidated reporting 

Working from Home

24/7 Employee Access 

Employees simply choose the benefits they want and need on their terms. 

And so much more....

Personal. Private. Portable. AWESOME!

Simple Administration

Employee Choice

Smart Budget Allocations

Refer a Company to Enrichly HR

Get $500

Help others live Enrichly too, refer a company who signs-up for an ICHRA and/or for Life Event Savings Accounts and Personalized Benefits to receive $500 - it pays to personalize! 

Company Referred must sign-up for Enrichly to qualify. Referral fees will be paid within 30-days following company sign-up. 

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