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Setting The Record Straight

We started Enrichly HR in "stealth mode" and as we gathered insights and feedback in the market from various executive, small business owners, team leaders, insurance brokers and employees we have found most immediately fell into the trap of thinking about what they have experienced or known about employee benefits for most of their lives.  That's not a criticism we get that it's human nature to revert back to known models, norms and concepts and It's hard to re-imagine something different that you have always known it to be.   


To avoid misconceptions and confusion, we want to share a quick outline

not about what we ARE, but rather WHAT WE ARE NOT.

We are NOT:


A benefits administration platform (ICHRA or otherwise)

while we support the selection and enrollment of health plans that is not our mission, instead we take an agnostic approach, employers can use any “Ben Admin system” they want - that said we work seamlessly with all.... in other words, we play nice and bring all our toys to the sandbox.

An Insurance Broker or Agency 

we have a Network of partners who handle this for employers, but we enable them to do it better and ensure they deliver the utmost value.  I guess you can say we are their secret weapon.

A perks platform/program

lunches, high fives, discounts, and movie tickets are nice and all, but no thanks we prefer to deliver real value. Total Life Benefits that help people live better, more fulfilled lives, that is what it’s all about.

Image by Ian Schneider

Calling All Leaders 

In all things in life some lead the way and some follow once they’ve seen the “proof”. We implore HR professionals and C-Suite executives to break away from the norms and to get off the health insurance benefits roller coaster!


Open your organizations up to a whole new way of delivering employee benefits.  Start empowering your workforce with real, personalized, choice - it’s about time we come together to elevate benefits for everyone. 


The Enrichly HR way.


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