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Our Story

The United States is widely know as a land of "freedom and opportunity" yet is the only country in the world that puts the control of health benefits decisions in the hands of employers instead of the employees (ie; individuals) who use them.


This is fundamentally flawed and we believe that every individual should have the liberty to decide how to allocate their healthcare budget and the opportunity to personalize benefits to their individual, family, and/or lifestyle requirements. 

We have developed a comprehensive suite of digital health solutions, financial wellness offerings and AI powered decision support tools to empower better financial decisions and health for workers across the United States.


We view this as empowering the people as the individuals they are, and it is the only logical path to fixing the system.


Benefits should impact the totality of ones life and employees should be fully enriched.  Thus, we give you Enrichly and we are here to lead the transformation of the employee benefits industry for the betterment of all!


Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

60 years of business operating experience in HR Tech, FinTech, Employee Benefits, Management Consulting and SaaS with 4+ successful exits. 


Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Pires


Co-Founder & President

Joe Markland


Let's Connect


1216 Broadway
Suite 72
New York, NY 10001

Thanks for reaching out, we will be in touch shortly.  

Then Enrichly Team

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