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Become a Network Partner

Launch Your Own ICHRA and Personalized Benefits Business / Division Today!

Why Outsource and Settle for the Table Scraps When you can Own the Asset?! As a Network Partner you gain access to a complete Personalized Benefits enablement platform + operating system, ready to launch.

The Department of Labor projects the number of employers who offer an ICHRA will increase 255% by 2025
Evolution is Inevitable - Will You Lead or Be Left Behind?
Workforce Expectations and Needs Have Evolved, the “System” Has Not
The Pressure to Attract and Retain Talent is Real,
Employers are Responding
YOUR Competition is Coming, FAST!
This is your opportunity to own your destiny and more importantly to own your crown jewel asset - the BOR!
YOU are Competing with MODERN brokers that have raised MILLIONS to Take Food off YOUR Plate so Make no mistake they are not your partner, they are your competitors!!
When you become an Enrichly HR Network Partner You have the Tools, Solutions and Support to Compete Directly and WIN!!

Why Become a Partner?

Territories are Limited, Protect Yours Today!

Insurance Broker? Watch This
Payroll and/or PEO Provider? Watch This
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