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The employee engagement, personalized benefits & financial wellness platform

Give Your Employees
the Health, Wellness & Financial Enrichment
They Need and Deserve!

Enrichly Provides the Tools and Resources Necessary  to Create the Optimum Healthcare Financing Strategy for your Organization and Workforce.  

Because Your Employees Deserve;  
Better. To Choose. To Be Happy!

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Provide Financial Empowerment & Wellness

Decision Support Tools

Life Events & Emergency Spending 

Financial Wellness Training 

60% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck

Employee financial stress has reached unprecedented levels!

Empower personal choice and drive equitable programs

No Employee Left Behind


Improve employee financial health and minimize mental distractions that kill motivation and productivity

Reduce employee financial stress, save money, and get off the insurance crazy train!

Access to Low Cost, Every Day, Health Care

Today, more than ever, employees are delaying care because out-of-pocket costs are no longer affordable.  Insurance isn't the answer, access to low cost, every day, healthcare is!

All Packages Include:

  • Unlimited Primary Care

  • 24/7 Urgent Care

  • No out of pocket costs

  • No co-pays

  • No costs for dependents

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Support Diversity & Personal Choice

Employees want choice, control over their benefits and how their dollars are spent.  Enrichly HR provides dozens of carefully curated programs and options that support all aspects of employees lives from physical, mental, emotional and financial.


Their Budget, Their Choice!

Personal. Private. Portable. AWESOME!

Successful Restaurant Owner

Easy Set-up

Simply determine budget and frequency of funding via payroll the rest is auto-magic. 

Easy and flexible configuration allows for set-up on frequency you choose.  Example; per payroll, month, quarter or year etc... 


Integration with all major Payroll and HRIS

Effortless Funding and Administration.

Funds are loaded to each employees Enrichly wallet per your schedule. 


Allocations by type ie; HSA, HRA, Life Events (LEESA) etc..


Account reconciliation


Consolidated reporting 

Working from Home

24/7 Employee Access 

Employees simply choose the benefits they want and need on their terms. 


On-demand Healthcare and Wellness 


Mental & Emotional Health


Financial Health


Life Event Savings & Emergency Funds (LEESA)

And so much more....

Enrichly HR makes

benefits powerfully personal.


Financial Security



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