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Optimized Benefits Programs with Personalized Employee Benefits 

Enrichly HR in the first, and only, end-to-end platform enabling employees to  save money and personalize their total life benefits including  physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellness.


Enrichly revolutionizes the way individuals shop for and manage benefits with its unique platform. Unlike others, Enrichly offers a personalized marketplace for a wide range of benefits, understanding that each person's needs are different. Through advanced algorithms and data analysis, Enrichly tailors recommendations from hundreds of available options to meet the specific needs of each individual. Enrichly simplifies the process of acquiring and administering individual, group and personalized benefits coverage, making it the singular platform for delivering and managing personalized benefits for all. 


Life Events Savings Accounts are a new an innovative solution designed to give employees protection against unexpected life events, emergencies and related expenses. 


Life Events Savings Accounts present a worry-free solution to curb financial anxiety due to the increasing financial uncertainty in America. The ability to set and forget with these accounts allows employees to build up savings with minimal hassle and reduce financial stress. As a matter of fact, on average, employees can save more than $1,000 within a year.  It is easy to set up and administer and available to companies of all sizes.


 Communication & Engagement Tools

Details coming soon

Why Enrichly HR?

We live in the land of freedom and opportunity, yet the U.S. is the one country in the world that still puts employers at the center of the individual's (employees/workers) benefit choices.


The model hasn't changed in 80-years, until now!

With Enrichly Employees benefit beyond medical with the freedom to choose from a buffet of amazing programs.
Their budget, their choice!

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